Beautycounter now available with LunaChics! 💋

Looking to shake up your beauty routine? Get *EXCITED* because LunaChics is now partnering with Beautycounter. Customers will now be able to shop the product line through our website. We are thrilled because Beautycounter is a brand that we truly love and have always stood behind. 

Beautycounter, if you haven't already heard, is revolutionizing the world of beauty and providing customers with high-end, extremely beautiful makeup made with safe & harm-free ingredients. It is slowly becoming apparent that many of our favorite, stand-by makeup brands are actually made with toxic, harmful ingredients that not only prematurely age the skin and damage your complexion but also have been linked to certain cancers. In recent years, there have been numerous studies conducted that prove that the ingredients listed in some of even the most famous and highly regarded makeup products are extremely harmful to the consumer. This is why CEO and founder of Beautycounter, Gregg Renfrew, decided to change the game. She was determined to create gorgeous, luxurious, high-performing makeup with ingredients that were good, natural, and non-toxic. Renfrew decided to go above and beyond all safety regulations set by the US government because she knew that her customers deserved more.

We at LunaChics have always been all about empowering women and giving the best care and quality to each of our customers. This is why we continue to believe in and support the Beautycounter mission by providing our customers with the option to purchase their product line through the LunaChics website! We are so thrilled to be able to provide this for you and are even more excited that we have a limited supply of the products in-store so that you can come into the shop to sample some of the items for yourself before purchasing! 

There are so many beautiful products that Beautycounter offers, from their lipsticks to their body washes, foundations, gorgeous eyeshadow palettes and beautiful highlighters; everything Beautycounter produces is stunning. It's such a refreshing idea to have the feeling of luxury makeup without having the anxiety and risk of toxicity. It's why everyone loves this brand. 

If you ever have any questions, never hesitate to come into the shop and speak with us about the products, company, and how we got involved! We are always happy to chat with our LunaChics customers about what we are most passionate about and we could not be more excited about this collaboration.

Here's to #BetterBeauty and this next step in our story! 


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