Better Beauty & our upcoming event with Beautycounter

If you look in your makeup collection and find some of your absolute favorite, holy grail products you might be surprised (and slightly terrified) to discover that you don't recognize and, on occasion, may be completely incapable of pronouncing some of the primary ingredients listed. Some of these ingredients might be among the 80,000 chemicals on the market and still permitted in beauty products today. These chemicals not only harm and prematurely age the skin but they may lead to more serious, life-threatening diseases such as asthma, cancer, and infertility. The last regulations in the cosmetics industry were passed over 80 years ago. 80 years. The statistics are staggering. How have we discovered so much information, made so many advances and failed to update and regulate an industry that affects our EVERYDAY life?

Beautycounter is a skincare and makeup brand committed to #BetterBeauty. They believe in going above and beyond the standards set by U.S. law because WE CAN. We have the technology, ability, and advancement to create makeup that is good for us -- free of harmful chemicals, free of toxins and free from mystery ingredients. Beautycounter believes in progress and in keeping everyone informed about the products they use everyday. They not only believe in the safety of beauty lovers but in the integrity of their products. The brand is entirely transparent about their ingredients, they source responsibly, ban any toxics ingredients and never ever sacrifice quality. The mission is to create beautiful, lasting makeup from beautiful, natural, good ingredients. 

We love our LunaChics family and have always believed in providing the best products for our friends. This mission is why we are so excited to host a Beautycounter pop up event in the shop. On Friday, March 15th we are having an event from 6pm - 8pm -- our second collaboration with the ladies at Beautycounter. You all will be able to learn, test, and shop the Beautycounter collection and we are offering you an extra 10% off your LunaChics purchases during the hours of the event. We know you will fall in love with this brand (if you haven't already!!) and you will be forever grateful to have these products as part of your everyday makeup routine.

Let this spring be the moment for #BetterBeauty. Hope to see you all the 15th!




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  • Kayleigh

    I LOVE Beautycounter products. They are safe and totally gorgeous ❤️

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