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As consumers, we may forget how powerful our dollar can be. We make purchasing decisions EVERY DAY that affect other people, businesses, cultures, and companies. We believe it is important to spend wisely, shop with a sense of love and compassion as well as a sense of style.

This is why we are now carrying the fair trade jewelry company WorldFinds. They are a company that is committed to empowering communities, strengthening families, and helping more women get access to education. 

WorldFinds employs gifted, low income artists -- they are paid a livable wage, are guaranteed safe working conditions, access to healthcare and continuing education, receive on-going training and skill development, and access to childcare.

This approach helps to strengthen not just these women but the entire community. WorldFinds mission is to create positive changes throughout the world and to bring joy into all of our lives.

Supporting this organization is as simple as buying a beautiful, handcrafted necklace, pair of earrings, or bracelet. The best part is how truly gorgeous these pieces are-- it makes supporting the company even easier! 

We encourage you all to check out the spring line -- available in the shop now! 

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