Customer Benefits

LunaChics loves to treat our customers like family -- so we offer a wide variety of perks to those who shop here.

We have an in-house tailor, Madge, who will alter any jeans, dresses, sweaters, etc for any customer who buys LunaChics. She will even alter merchandise not purchased at the store -- it's her mission to make you look the best possible in everything you wear. 

LunaChics also offers layaway -- we can work out a payment plan with you so that you can still afford the styles that you want! 

Shopping in a family-friendly atmosphere also makes a huge difference in your shopping experience -- that's why we have a comfy couch complete with a TV, toys and books for the kids, and a charging station for phones and iPads. The kids can play while you shop! 

The stylists at LunaChics are always here for you. They offer assisted styling for all customers -- they will help you find the perfect pair of jeans for your body and style preference, a stunning outfit to wear to a wedding, a mini-wardrobe to take with you on vacation or a weekend away. Whatever your style needs are, they are always here to help you find what you are looking for.

LunaChics also has a point-system that really benefits customers who shop at the store often. You earn points for every dollar you spend and when you reach 2000 points, you earn a $100 credit to the store!